Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December is designated as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month - New Orleans to Baton Rouge Efforts to reduce drunk driving around children

December is designated as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month

December is designated as National Impaired Driving Prevention Month, a time to raise awareness about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs.
This year, 2014parents, schools, businesses, faith-based and community organizations throughout the nation are recognizing National Impaired Driving Prevention Month by highlighting their success at reducing repeat impaired driving, saving money, and making the community safer by awareness and active prevention.

Awareness events aimed at making on school campus and church property policies clear are evidence of the tremendous impact that Principals, Pastors, Teachers, Police, School Superintendents and Bishops have had on the community.  These events send powerful messages that DWI / DUI prevention save lives and reduce costs.

They are more effective than jail or prison and send a message that accountability is important in school and church communities.

drunk driving prevention on catholic properties and school campuses along with
written guidelines and programs saves lives,
 From New Orleans to Baton Rouge

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Being a vocal concerned parent about the professional conduct of teachers: Being vocal is the key to showing our kids what we expect from them.

Being a vocal concerned parent about the professional conduct of teachers: 
Being vocal is the key to showing our kids what we expect from them.

1) Being concerned about our children is a normal everyday practice of parents.
2) The easiest way to teach kids is by being the example you want them to follow.
3) When it comes to crime : #1 we never want our kids to be victims  #2 We never want our kids to be perpetrators.
4) Our physical home is the easiest place to control the environment so that good examples of behavior can be taught.
5) Outside the home: It is the classrooms, in our schools, where environments of learning good behavior can also be learned and practiced. 
6)  Our After School Activities and Church Activities Also provide structural opportunities to instill good, lawful, conduct and practices.

Today, I am reminded that having trust of the academic professionals who associate with our children in any given moment (inside or outside of the school) is really important to foster !   I am a teacher loving parent!  I love most of the teachers my kids have ever had and strongly liked the rest - all of my feelings are based in respect . Their profession is a difficult one and I have always felt that my job as a parent was to make sure my kids followed every expectation that was given to them to follow.  I have also been a parent who has had to stand up for my kids and for myself with teachers and principals who at rare times have not lived up to my expectations.    There is a LINE

Again:  There is a LINE that must be drawn between adults and kids !  And I am seeing this line being casually crossed too many times!  Many instances are harmless, but can grow to something as extreme as this.  http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/10/02/us-usa-louisiana-sexcrimes-idUSKCN0HR23420141002 It is good that that this activity with these individuals at this school was stopped - Let's really fight this behavior all the time ! https://www.facebook.com/susanrayshea/posts/10203633887742742 Please report all crimes http://www.crimestoppersbr.com/school.aspx

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Dictionary of Us Online Reputation: Define yourself! Like no one has ever defined you before. Every day Economic Thoughts by: Susan Shea

The Dictionary of  Us 
 Online Reputation Advice: Define yourself!  Like no one has ever defined you before. 
Every day Economic Thoughts by: Susan Shea
Define yourself : Managing your Online Reputation Susan Shea Fall 2014 Baton Roue, Louisiana
Online reputations are important today, August 8, 2014 and will be for a long time:  Schools are starting to monitor it (people's individual public online presences) on their employees and students.  Human Resource Departments are looking at former, current and potential employee online social media profiles.  So our online reputations are being used like the White and Yellow Pages were decades ago! And now there are photos and videos associated with our "listings".  I am a fan of primary resources:   Many Dictionaries (all kinds and publications).  And that is what the internet does to people and businesses:  It defines us and so you could say that the internet is a "Dictionary of  Us!"   But who is making up definition 1) of us? How about 2)?  Or number 3)?  A person isn't just a noun! It is  a verb and adjective and adverb and, oh yes a pronoun! It's a Proper noun and that is the most unique word to begin with.  My name is Susan.  I am the only Susan in the world...not!   There are many of them.  I am Susan Shea and I am not the only one.  But I may the only Susan Shea in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and that is the important part of defining yourself on the internet: Answering the Who, What, Where, Why and How of you!   Yes, being cautious about sharing too much is important but being too private is also something that can create questions of trust about you.  Making true efforts to live a life, that when it is scrutinized, can be defended; is important in today's world.  Standing up to people who may judge you is a good thing to practice. Seeing yourself in the worst photo that has ever been taken of you (and never posting it) and seeing yourself in the best photos and yes, posting them: That is what advertising is: showing something in its best definition, while also being truthful.  Where to begin?  This is very arguable: I have used many online defining profiles since 1990 with my first, which was via CompuServe. Remember them?!  I used some aliases like SmileNewOrleans
SocialWorkerSRS, ParalegalSRS, and now I have been using GeauxThink all of these IDs define (d) (s) a side of me, like definitions 1) 2) and 3) But the most important thing is to be truthful.  You have probably practiced what I have described above. I encourage you to keep describing yourself when you are promoting your economic interests, primarily your business and the communities to which you belong.  Be Your moving, living definition of yourself, like no one can do for you.  No one!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Who are mandated reporters of child abuse in Louisiana? What should a priest do if a child comes to him, during confession, and asks for guidance in a circumstance of being a victim of child abuse of any kind??

 Who are mandated reporters of child abuse in Louisiana? What should a priest do if a child comes to  him, during confession, and asks for guidance in a circumstance of being a victim of child abuse of any kind? What is a confessional seal? How should it be used when in a role of being a mandatory reporter of child abuse?

Q: Who are mandated reporters of child abuse? A:  http://www.dcfs.louisiana.gov/index.cfm?md=pagebuilder&tmp=home&pid=109

Q.What should a priest do if a child comes to  him, during confession, and asks for guidance in a circumstance of being a victim? A:     http://www.catholiceducation.org/article/religion/re0059.html

Here is a true story that challenges these questions:  http://www.wbrz.com/news/the-investigative-unit-from-confessional-to-court/

Here is an opinion poll.  http://www.nola.com/crime/baton-rouge/index.ssf/2014/07/louisiana_catholic_confession_1.html

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Bullying is a Safety Issue : From the School Building to the Home Life : Keeping Kids Safe Everywhere #LivLife

Bullying is a Safety Issue : 
 From the School Building to the Home Life :
 Keeping Kids Safe Everywhere

Bullying tends to begin with some sort of unwanted label upon someone, and the label is used over and over again.  I like to keep my posts short and to the point.  If the word or repeated unwanted expression was or is a racial slur,  then the bullying tends to be taken more seriously as it could be linked and called a "hate crime" . In this same fashion, bullying words should also be linked as "hate words".  Once someone is repeatedly picked on and the aggressor is using the same words and/or synonyms of words over and over in order to harass a person then leaders need to realize this is similar to a hate crime.  The leaders [ principals, head masters, head mistresses, superintendents, pastors, bishops etc....] need to sit down with parents of the aggressor and spell this out to them.  "If this does not stop we have to get the police involved."  The goal here, is to stop this behavior, and this is a way to stop it. Parents do not want  to have juvenile court records on their child.  If they really do care, the parents of the aggressor will make the behavior stop.  If the parents do nothing ,then that is the family who really should be encouraged to find another place to educate their child.  This is part of education.  Remember, Children see how adults handle problems. This is part of the education of our kids. Are we really handling problems the way we want them to handle the very same problems in the future?  This problem leads to other violent problems like suicide and or built up aggression toward unsolved problems that can lead to violence on others. One day our kids just may be having to handle a bullying problem in the nursing home.  Think about it.  #LivLife Stop Bullying Everywhere !
I am writing this as a thinking point on a current news report :  parents sue catholic school over bullying

Here are the links to the news reports:

Thinking Tiger Geaux Think ! 
Positive Problem Solving :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Home and School:The Goal of Children's' Positive Growth: Being prepared for successes, but also being prepared for a bad day.

Home and School:

The Goal of Our Children's' Positive Growth: 

Being prepared for successes, and being prepared for a bad day.  These two ideas are equally important.

Having Positive Places and Safe Havens in our human world are what gives each individual human person a sense of belonging.

Being positive to a child is everything!  But also being truthfully concerned for the wrong things that are going on in the child's life is part of being positive. 

I am a 46 year old mother (living in Baton Rouge Louisiana) who wants to protect my 3 kids from physical harm every day. As parents/caregivers we look to ourselves in how we treat our own kids. We then look at the home/car environment and remove safety hazards and add safety precautions (like outlet plugs and car seats).  We then move on through the day as we go out into the world.  We interact with other families at parks and play groups, day cares and eventually preschools, elementary schools, and colleges; this is where we, as parents, cannot control things.

 Safety insurances on our children's physical well-being are something all parents want for our kids.  I am sure I will never give up on working to make each day a safer day for my kids.  The thing is, not all parents are protective of their kids. and then, also: not all parents are making their children's upbringing a positive one. Child abuse and neglect happens in all socio-economic groupings and classifications.  Kids from caring homes are interacting with kids from uncaring homes.  In educational environments this is where "School meets home".  School meets home every day but home does not meet school every day. Yes, in a way school enters the home via homework, school notices about fund raisers, robo calls and emails. But the privacy of our homes is kept from everyone's judgmental eye.  Our kids are our homes.  They are the ambassadors of our family home life. They enter the school doorway, follow daily routines  socialize with their schoolmates, sit in desks, look and listen to teachers, tend to their personal needs of water fountain and restroom visits, follow up on their scholarly responsibilities, eat lunch, play and interact at recess and P.E., learn and memorize songs.  Then the bell rings and they attend aftercare or go to school clubs or come home.

 Why are schools (for the most part) so clean, decorated and cheery?  The answer is: Because society needs them to be. They are our safe havens.

Bad things happen in what we work to be safe havens: Our Schools.  Bullying happens, and schools try to address it. They can stop incidences of the bullying of one child.  It is possible ( On top of all their other responsibilities).   **sigh**  This is where I will say once again.  "When I was a kid we had 1 nurse and one counselor".  This has not changed.  There is still only one nurse and counselor in our school.  Clearly we need more.  Teachers need to teach. That is their profession,  They cannot be everyone's nurse and counselor too!

I am writing this blog because something tragic happened that has touched every single person that is

associated with our school.  It is something no one understands.  It also has touched other concerned parents and grandparents at other schools.  One Thursday, a beautiful, nice 12 year old boy decided to kill himself in our school during school hours.  Everyday, home meets school and school meets home.  This precious child was burdened. My child, while in his classroom, heard the yell and commotion upon the discovery of his body.  He saw a leader run toward the direction of where the 12 year old boy was. He saw the ambulances and his school was on lockdown.  These memories are forever.   Most of what I  learned was from word of mouth.  The diocese sent 14 counselors yesterday.

 Yesterday, I called and talked with the assistant superintendent. Currently the programs that are given that are on student safety are mostly focused on child sexual abuse.  Sexual abuse is one type. I am hoping the caring programs will be broadened.  The burden of the secrets of ANY and ALL type of abuse, unsatisfactory living conditions and familial conflicts  upon a child is something that must be lessened.  Teachers need to be engaged bystanders—intervening when a student’s unhealthy home environment  places him or her at risk.   Each day is an effort for all of us. We can do this for children.  Not just for our own child but for the child next door.

here is the first article in the press about Ethan's death.  http://www.nola.com/news/baton-rouge/index.ssf/2014/02/st_jean_vianney_catholic_schoo.html
Here is a website with statistics on child suicide in the 10-14 age group

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Local Arrest of a Teacher and Mom has made National News: drunk-teacher-released-from-jail-on-1680-bond- dwi-hit-and-run-mom -baton-rouge-suburb-gonzales

I really hope that the school administration considers all aspects of this. This is complicated. But the important part of this is: What kind of example are we setting for kids? Kids witness how adults handle problems. I understand that the school community should pray for this teacher;  but, what if she killed someone? This behavior is a repeated habit. This story has made national news via the A.P. wire: it has been reported in Ohio and Washington D.C. area news agencies. Also this particular school is a faith community. I find it heart breaking that a mother and teacher has a problem like this, but the victims have feelings too! The hit and run victim: I am glad that person tracked this drunk driver down, holding her accountable. The first offence DWI (even at a high alcohol level ) does not get very much punishment at all! Just an offer of a pre trial program. Yes, I do understand that this is all sensitive, but people could have been run over on the school property at Ascension Christian. Did you know that kids know more about alcohol levels than school administrators themselves?  I think teachers, principals , ministers, priests should also take the D.A.R.E. program as there is way too much ignorance of this problem. The kids are smarter !
links to and about the story:






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