Friday, February 27, 2015

Teaching : 2015 Digital 101 Bullet Points Digital is Marketing Follow the Trends

2015 Digital 101 Bullet Points
·    Digital is Marketing
·    Follow the Trends
·    Long, in-depth content
·    Ease of use for Targeted Customers
·    Realize they are looking for Pricing, Quality and Service
·    Giving Searchers Direct Answers 
·    Understanding that Marketing is Everybody’s Job
·    SEO and Social Coexist – Work on them Together
·    Calls are the New Clicks, Market the Phone Number
·    Geo Targeting with a local Emphasis by Zip Code / Neighborhoods   

Friday, August 8, 2014

The Dictionary of Us Online Reputation: Define yourself! Like no one has ever defined you before. Every day Economic Thoughts by: Susan Shea

The Dictionary of  Us 
 Online Reputation Advice: Define yourself!  Like no one has ever defined you before. 
Every day Economic Thoughts by: Susan Shea
Define yourself : Managing your Online Reputation Susan Shea Fall 2014 Baton Roue, Louisiana
Online reputations are important today, August 8, 2014 and will be for a long time:  Schools are starting to monitor it (people's individual public online presences) on their employees and students.  Human Resource Departments are looking at former, current and potential employee online social media profiles.  So our online reputations are being used like the White and Yellow Pages were decades ago! And now there are photos and videos associated with our "listings".  I am a fan of primary resources:   Many Dictionaries (all kinds and publications).  And that is what the internet does to people and businesses:  It defines us and so you could say that the internet is a "Dictionary of  Us!"   But who is making up definition 1) of us? How about 2)?  Or number 3)?  A person isn't just a noun! It is  a verb and adjective and adverb and, oh yes a pronoun! It's a Proper noun and that is the most unique word to begin with.  My name is Susan.  I am the only Susan in the world...not!   There are many of them.  I am Susan Shea and I am not the only one.  But I may the only Susan Shea in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and that is the important part of defining yourself on the internet: Answering the Who, What, Where, Why and How of you!   Yes, being cautious about sharing too much is important but being too private is also something that can create questions of trust about you.  Making true efforts to live a life, that when it is scrutinized, can be defended; is important in today's world.  Standing up to people who may judge you is a good thing to practice. Seeing yourself in the worst photo that has ever been taken of you (and never posting it) and seeing yourself in the best photos and yes, posting them: That is what advertising is: showing something in its best definition, while also being truthful.  Where to begin?  This is very arguable: I have used many online defining profiles since 1990 with my first, which was via CompuServe. Remember them?!  I used some aliases like SmileNewOrleans
SocialWorkerSRS, ParalegalSRS, and now I have been using GeauxThink all of these IDs define (d) (s) a side of me, like definitions 1) 2) and 3) But the most important thing is to be truthful.  You have probably practiced what I have described above. I encourage you to keep describing yourself when you are promoting your economic interests, primarily your business and the communities to which you belong.  Be Your moving, living definition of yourself, like no one can do for you.  No one!